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Karen Mitchell

As well as a partner at Spread Innovations, Karen Michell is founder of Giraffe, a bespoke communications hub in London. It develops and creates integrated communications for clients, from TV campaigns to large-scale events. It aims to always develop the right route (rather than the traditional path) for its clients and their brands.

Giraffe’s clients include: AbbVie, Barclays, Bevan Commission, College of Medicine, Ldny, Bahamas Government, Godrej UK, Tyne and Wear Fire Service, Santander, WIE (Women Inspiration & Enterprise), Impeller, NHS Trusts, UKTI, Macmillan Cancer, Anqa Group, Bupa, Mayer Park Capital, Parkinson’s, Kidney Care, HIMSS UK and NHS England.

Karen has a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector, she was part of a team that conceived and ran four NHS Healthcare Innovation Expo events and is currently curating the content for UK e-Health Week. She runs a series of one-day conferences for AbbVie for their Sustainable Healthcare programme in England, Wales and Scotland.  She also helped launch The College of Medicine’s The Forgotten Medicine conference, which was attended by HRH Prince Charles.

Karen has also been involved in two Healthcare missions to China with UKTI.

Karen is also a Director of the British American Project, a fellowship that encourages the transatlantic relationship.